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Best Glock 43 Holsters – (Reviews & Buying Guide)

As the title suggests, you are probably here because you just got yourself a new Glock 43 and you want to find the best holster for you and your weapon. First, let’s look at the Best Glock 43 holsters themselves, then we will go into more details about the gun and its popularity!

Everyone wants to protect themselves, their loved ones and their property. Because of this, firearms have a significant and vital role in society. However, when people want to protect themselves, they also don’t want other people to be aware they are carrying a gun, and this is why Glock 43 is a popular choice.

Nevertheless, a big part of concealing your weapon is finding the most suitable holster. But while you are searching, you do want to keep in mind a few things, and this is why we will introduce you to our Glock 43 holster reviews.

CYA Supply Co. IWB

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

  • Price : $$
  • Made of : .08″ Thickness Boltaron Material
  • Highlight : Posi-click audible retention lock system.
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Tulster Glock 43 w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile

Tulster Glock 43 w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile

  • Price : $$$$
  • Made of : Kydex
  • Highlight : 1.5” Quick Clip Adjustable angle from 0-15 degrees
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1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 Holster

1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 Holster

  • Price : $$$
  • Made of : 100% American Steerhide Leatherl
  • Highlight : Fits up to 1 and ¾ belts
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Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

  • Price : $$
  • Made of : .08″ KYDEX
  • Highlight : Adjustable retention Full-length sweat shield
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Multi Holsters Elite Glock 43 IWB FOMI

Multi Holsters Elite Glock 43 IWB FOMI

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Made of : High-quality Accu-Pressed Process
  • Highlight : 15-degree adjustable angle Fits up to 1.5” belts
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Sumtop Glock 43 IWB Holster

Sumtop Glock 43 IWB Holster

  • Price: $
  • Made of : Black polymer material
  • Highlight : Fits up to 1.8” belts Adjustable retention tightened
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Our Top Glock 43 Holster Reviews

This buying guide includes our handpicked top 7 products for Glock 43. Keep in mind they aren’t placed in a particular order because they are different types and for various needs. All you have to do is read the information we’ve gathered for you and find that matches you and the way you carry your Glock.

1. CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

CYA Supply Co. IWBSpecially made for Glock 43, the CYA Supply Co Holster is made of .08’’ thick Boltaron material with black powder, and stainless steel coating. Thanks to that, this holster is durable, abrasion and chemical resistant. Another advantage is its posi-click audible retention lock system. With this technology, you can understand when your firearm is securely locked. Once you hear the noise “click,” you will know it is fine.

CYA Supply features a sweat shield, covering the full length of the holster’s slide. Therefore no sweat is absorbed from your gun. Because this holster fits only Glock 43, the concealment is perfect and maintains a low profile. You can adjust the cant of the holster easily (from 0 to 15 degrees) just by using the Hex Allen Key, which comes with your holster.

To sum up, this is an excellent choice for a concealed carry.


  • sweat shield, no moisture is absorbed
  • lightweight and durable
  • good concealment
  • cant and retention adjustable
  • secure trigger guard
  • easy and comfortable to use
  • strong, reliable concealment
  • excellent fit for Glock 43


  • fits only one model- Glock 23
  • only right-handed draw
  • closed muzzle end
  • the extended barrel and threaded models will not fit

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2. Tulster Glock 43 w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile

Tulster Glock 43 w/TLR-6 Holster IWB ProfileEasy and comfortable to both use and conceal, Tulster Glock 43 is designed to fit your G43’s TLR-6 light attachment perfectly. Lightweight with a beautiful design, this holster is available in different colors to match your style. A piece of vital information is that this holster has a raised sight channel supporting guns fitted with aftermarket sights.

Tulster Glock 43 IWB holster features a full-length sweat shield. This is for your gun to be protected from moisture and this way carrying it is somewhat comfortable. Because of the undercut trigger guard option, a better grip is provided, therefore a quicker and easier draw for the user.

Finally, this holster has snap clips which are 1.75 inches wide. There are also elastic loops which are included in the set. This way with pull-the-dot directional snaps you will feel more secure for your firearm, to be kept in place.


  • features a 1.5” Quick Clip, fast and easy to put on your belt
  • adjustable angle from 0-15 degrees
  • full-length sweat shield
  • strong and flexible retention point
  • open muzzle end
  • fits G43’s with TLR-6 light attachment
  • easy and comfortable to use


  • might feel uncomfortable while sitting
  • doesn’t work good without the TLR-6 Lights

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3. 1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 Holster

1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 HolsterThe 1791 GUNLEATER Glock 43 Holster is a combination of both high quality and comfort. This holster is made of 100% American Steerhide Leather. Therefore it is strong and durable, for prolonged use. The vital feature is that the leather is double stitched and reinforced, and enhanced. Even more, the effectiveness of the holster is significantly boosted. It is lightweight and suitable for everyday concealed carry.

Another essential quality of this holster is its concealment capabilities. Due to being custom made for a perfect fit, this OWB leather belt provides a quick and safe draw. Once placed into the holster, your firearm is secured. Fits up to 1 & ¾ inches belt loops.

Also, this holster’s hand molded exterior gives bigger and stronger retention, for maximum durability. 1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 Holster is a good and reliable holster, which comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • made with 100% American Steerhide Leather
  • durable, with reinforced, double-stitched design
  • lightweight
  • excellent concealment and convenience
  • quick and easy draw
  • lifetime warranty
  • perfect fit, therefore excellent concealment
  • fits up to 1 and ¾ belts


  • uncomfortable while seating
  • hard break-in period
  • right-hand draw only

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4. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX HolsterConcealment Express Holster offers a high level of retention and comfort at the same time. Its rigid construction makes it strong and durable. This holster is made of enhanced Kydex material, and you can trust it to carry your firearm all day long.

It is a well-designed holster, which includes adjustable retention and a belt clip. You can wear it in different positions according to your desires. This Inside the Waistband holster, can be carried either as a hip, appendix, cross draw, palm-in back or OWB carry – it is up to you. What is more, you can adjust the preferred angle rotation from 0 to 15 degrees. This action doesn’t require any other extra tools.

Featuring Posi “Click” Audible Retention Lock System, you can feel safe while carrying the firearm. The Kydex material is non-porous. No moisture or sweat will be absorbed from the gun or the holster. Because it is made of strong and durable material, this holster will be good for a long time and will not change its shape with continuous use.


  • simple to use
  • effective and durable
  • simple adjustable retention
  • can be carried in many different ways
  • features full-length sweat shield
  • lifetime warranty


  • plastic clip might break
  • too rigid
  • doesn’t distribute well the weight of your firearm

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5. Multi Holsters Elite Glock 43 IWB FOMI

Multi Holsters Elite Glock 43 IWB FOMIComing in seven different styles, the Elite Glock Holster is very functional and yet comfortable to wear. With the help of the FOMI Clip, this holster is securely attached to your belt. Because of the reverse tab, it is quite simple to remove it and fits up to 1.5″straps.

This holster is made of reliable and durable material using a high-quality Accu-Pressed Process. Its purpose is to conceal your firearm. The weapon “clicks” into the holster, and you can loosen or tighten the screws to adjust the tension according to your needs. This is a right-hand holster, which features a full-length body shield. This means that the holster keeps the moisture and other bad smells away from both the gun and you. It will also help for faster and easier re-holstering.

Finally, this is a handy and durable holster, suitable for everyday carry. Very good looking in every one of the seventh designs, all you need to do is just pick the one you prefer. Functionality, comfort, and style are what you will find in this holster.


  • made using a high-quality Accu-Pressed Process
  • comfortable and practical
  • 15-degree adjustable angle
  • seven different styles
  • fits up to 1.5” belts
  • body shield
  • easy re-holstering
  • quickdraw


  • very rigid
  • uncomfortable while seating

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6. Sumtop Glock 43 IWB Holster

Sumtop Glock 43 IWB HolsterSumtop Glock 43 IWB Holster has a cut-down body design and a tapered trailing edge, which enhance the concealment of your firearm. This holster is made of really high-tech, black polymer material, making it durable and both scratch and heat resistant. It is comfortable, with easy and quick draw, with no effort.

With the unique belt clip technology, the holster will stay steady when you draw your firearm. What is more, it features adjustable retention. If you tighten it a lot, it will be secure, but if it is loоse, you will draw the gun faster. It is up to you and your needs. Because of its minimalistic design, Sumtop Glock 43 IWB Holster will help you keep a low profile, with zero marks on the clothing. And due to the durable construction and material, it will not lose shape in time at all.

To conclude, this holster is simple to use, durable and practical. Suitable for every day carry, with a quick and easy draw.


  • durable, high-tech, black polymer material
  • scratch and heat resistant
  • easy and quick draw
  • fits up to 1.8” belts
  • adjustable retention tightened
  • low-profile, no marks on the clothing


  • the clip is not the most secure one

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7. DeSantis Super Fly Ambidextrous Pocket Holster

DeSantis Super Fly Ambidextrous Pocket HolsterDeSantis Super Fly Ambidextrous is an excellent example of a pocket holster. It is designed to fit and conceal your Glock 43. It does the job pretty well – that was intended for. Works best if you have bigger, deeper pockets. Once you put in your firearm, it will stay there until you decide to take it out. It will hold the gun even if the holster is upside down.

Another useful feature is that it comes with a second flap. The outside is quite tacky to hold to the inner pockets. Additionally, once placed in the pockets, it might print a little bit on your clothing, but no one will notice. It will keep a low profile while carrying it.

Finally, it is vital to point out that the trigger guard is completely covered so that you can feel safe and calm. It is a good holster for deep concealment because it doesn’t print and the draw is quick and easy.


  • the trigger is well protected
  • covers the muzzle of the firearm
  • It comes with an extra flap
  • full grip on the gun


  • kind of bulky
  • a squarish outline might appear

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Glock 43 – The Gun

If you don’t own this gun, but you are interested in buying it or perhaps just learning more about it, then you are in the right place! Our team has created articles of any kind regarding weapons and the proper holsters for them if you are interested in seeing any of them.

  • Safety

The sights of the G43 are the universal factory standard, and it has a standard GLOCK trigger. Just like the other guns in the Glock family, it lacks an external safety. However, some people consider that the semi-auto feature of the weapon is the extra safety itself. We leave it to you to decide if that’s true or not.

Even if you think that doesn’t classify as such, as long as you go by the proper holstering protocol and use your weapon safely you will be alright. Plus you shouldn’t forget all of the passive, internal safeties it features. You should be assured that it will only go off when you pull the trigger, thanks to them.

  • Capacity

This Glock comes with two 6 + 1 capacity magazines, where each one has 6 rounds, and with loading one in the chamber, you have to add one more. There’s also a pinky extension on one of the two magazines, which come with this. Thanks to this extension you can get a solid, comfortable grip. It also comes with a speed loader, which can be pleasant to use.

When it comes to the capacity of this weapon, apparently it’s on the lower side, since you can get a Glock with 10 + 1. It is essential to have more chances to shoot than your opponent before you have to reload so this can be. It is also important to hide it really well from people around you, this is why a lot of times Glock 43 holster concealed carry is needed.

  • Size

Glock 43 Holster ReviewsIf you have big hands, this weapon could be a bit small for you. That can be a big or a small con depending on the person, but we had to throw it there for you to know. Obviously, this can be perfect for people with smaller paws. It is an appropriate, comfortable and somewhat loved by women. If you wonder why just look at the dimensions.

It is 6.26 inches long, skinny 1.02 inches wide and 4.25 inches tall. The barrel is 3.39 inches, with a sight radius of 5.2 inches, which provides you with better accuracy. It also weights 17.95, almost 19 ounces, when unloaded and 22.36 ounces loaded. For comparison, it is quite close to Glock 42. Thanks to this you just need a Glock 43 holster appendix, and you can hide it well.

Apart from that, when it comes to racking the slide, it can be done even by shooters with weaker hands. This is also part of why it’s a great gun for women because usually, they can have an issue with precisely this moment. It can also be great when concealing to your waistline, thanks to the skinny width of the gun. If you want to learn more about this, you can check our piece on the best IWB holster

  • Materials

The Glock is made out of polymer frame and a steel slide on top. A way to differentiate it from some other Glocks is the single-stack it features, which is rare to see.

Overall, Glocks are either a hit or a miss for people. However, you can’t deny their popularity and their use by police and military. Despite, being used by professionals, it is also suitable for an average person who wants to defend himself and his loved ones. Keep in mind that this is a snappy firearm when you use it, so it’s not to everyone’s taste. But you can always count on this gun, it has excellent reliability!

Glock 43 vs. Glock 26

Best Glock 43 holsters

Now we’ve already gone through the characteristics of 43 model, but now let’s compare it to the G26 Subcompact since it’s one of the bigger competitors to this gun. Both of them are quite popular and perform well. However, let’s see what the actual differences between them are.

  • Probably the most used pro for Glock 26 that people say is that it holds 10 + 1 rounds of 9×19, in a double-stack magazine. In comparison, as we mentioned earlier, Glock 43 has a single-stack with fewer shots. However, this with a Glock 43 deep concealment holster is an excellent addition for someone who doesn’t want any attention on him or anyone knowing he carries a pistol.
  • As you already read, the 43 is a tiny pistol. This holds up even when compared to 26, which was known as “Baby Glock,”! Both are great for deep concealment, but the 43 model is also suited for pocket carry as a backup gun.

However, it isn’t recommended to have a Glock with a light trigger, unless you have a holster for it. If you are interested in such a deep concealed carry, you can check out our suggestions for best pocket holster.

  • So we keep saying 43 is small but is it that small? Well, the 26 is a bit longer, broader and more substantial, which you probably already knew. But even these slight differences can alter your decision because you want a firearm that suits your body type and the concealment you are comfortable with, so sometimes that’s the smaller gun.
  • Apparently, the measurements of a weapon will be important when shooting. This is really subjective. Some might think that the 26 is really balanced in shooting and its compact dimensions, while the 43 is better at shooting, because of the longer grip.

Ultimately you can see that they are both excellent weapons. Since the differences are paper thin, it comes down to your choice of Glock 26 vs. Glock 43. They are both reliable and accurate, but you just might be the type of person who finds compact pistols hard to shoot. Meanwhile, you also might be the type of person who doesn’t want any gun print, or you have a specific body type that limits the variety of guns you can choose from.

Best Glock 43 Holsters Comparison Chart

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster
$$.08" Thickness Boltaron MaterialPosi-click audible retention lock system
Tulster Glock 43 w/TLR-6 Holster IWB Profile
$$$$Kydex1.5” Quick Clip Adjustable angle from 0-15 degrees
1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 Holster
$$$100% American Steerhide LeatherFits up to 1 and ¾ belts
Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster
$$.08" KYDEXAdjustable retention Full-length sweat shield
Multi Holsters Elite Glock 43 IWB FOMI
$$$$$High-quality Accu-Pressed Process15-degree adjustable angle Fits up to 1.5” belts
Sumtop Glock 43 IWB Holster
$Black polymer materialFits up to 1.8” belts Adjustable retention tightened

Wrap Up

We all know it is worth to invest in a holster that will protect your firearm in the best possible way. So everyone wants to know which is the Best Glock 43 Holster, but no one knows where to start or what to look for. That’s why we looked and compared different products and came up with a list of 7 items, put in no particular order.

We hope you enjoyed our Glock 43 Holsters Reviews! If you think we missed out anything, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by leaving a comment or sending an email. We appreciate any feedback from you – our reader, and we love answering your questions.

Make sure to see our other articles about any type of holsters or Glock guns in particular! Thanks for reading and as always – stay put!

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