Best Gun Safes for Long Guns & Hand Guns-Reviews 2019

It’s a good thing that we got laws about storing rifles properly. We wouldn’t want our weapons lying around casually, right? This is why as you get your license, you also need to get the best gun safe possible.

When we talk about safes this big, we simply need to address the value aspect. Lucky you! Our crew has put together this article highlighting the best products on the market today. We have taken a deep dive and have divided the top rifle safe reviews into 2 groups. You will see some units in the lower price range and some units on the higher-end.

What else can be said? – read away and decide what you’re getting

  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet
  • PRICE $
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 10 x 17 x 15”
  • Weight : 19.7 pounds
  • Batteries : No battery required
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Material : 16 gauge steel
  • Dimensions : 42 x 15.25 x 6.75”
  • Weight : 50 pounds
  • Batteries : 4 AA battery required
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 52.2 x 9.8 x 8.7”
  • Weight : 63 lb
  • Batteries : 4 AA battery required
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet
  • PRICE $$
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 13.5 x 17 x 53”
  • Weight : 61 pounds
  • Batteries : No battery required
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Best Choice Products Programmable Electronic Safe
  • PRICE $$$
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 13.8 x 11.2 x 57.2”
  • Weight : 99.5 pounds
  • Batteries : 8 AA battery required
  • 3.6 Customer Rating
  • Homak 8-Gun Security Cabinet
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 10 x 21 x 57.2”
  • Weight : 63.9 pounds
  • Batteries : No battery required

Top Rifle Gun Safes Under $500

Let us begin by taking a look at the most excellent safes for rifles under $500. These are pretty decent value options, and you should have no doubt that they will do the trick. In fact, most people might fall into this category here. The price isn’t everything so check out the long gun safe reviews below and see which product is right for you.

1. Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet

Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo CabinetIf you are in need of an additional smaller cabinet for your valuables or ammo, then this product could do the job. The Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet can easily fit pistols and ammo as well as other valuables. Its size is suitable for it to be discreetly hidden but also provides just enough storage space.

What is more is that it has one removable shelf that frees up even more space for more significant valuables, for example. It has a key coded, double bitted lock and the mechanism passes through the steel door which provides safer storage. Its 3-point locking system, installed in the door’s frame at the top and bottom as well as a steel locking plate in the middle, allows a better and more secure lock.

Although the steel door is not reversible, the safe can be turned upside-down and work just as beautiful. The pre-drilled mounting holes provide secure attachment to floors or walls and even other Stack-On cabinets as a matter of fact. It is lightweight, comes in black, has a padded foam bottom, and it is approved by the California Department of Justice.


  • Discreet size – can fit mostly anywhere
  • Removable shelf – frees up space
  • 3-point locking system – can provide safer storage-keeping


  • Lightweight – might get stolen easily and/or broken into
  • Irreversible door

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2. Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker

Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Rifle GunlockerFinding a reliable spot in your house to keep your rifles and shotguns safely tucked could be tricky, but this product might just do the work. Honardy’s RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker is a helpful addition to your home to store your rifles properly. The locker has fast and dependable unlocking methods from conventional keys to touch-free stickers and wristbands and even four to six-digit security code.

Moreover, it exceeds ASTM International safety standards making it child and pry resistant, so whatever goes inside, only you control what goes out. Furthermore, it is made out of thick 16 gauge steel exterior and a spring-assist door with an interior of four hardened locking lugs. Weighing at 50 pounds, however, may come at a disadvantage if frequently moved. Yet, it is packed with a sturdy cable and pre-drilled mounting holes so that it can be locked into place.


  • Guaranteed Safety – RFID tags include keys, decals, and wristband.
  • Tamper-Proof Construction – thick 16-gauge steel encasing
  • Easy access at any time – AC powered with battery back-up
  • Vertical/Horizontal Mounting with included cable for complementary security


  • Loud unlocking mechanism
  • 5″ Interior length – May not fit larger rifles and shotguns

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3. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeThe Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe from Barska can be an excellent supplement for your house when it comes to rifle storage. The biometric lock allows safe storage, and it can retain up to 120 fingerprints which is helpful for easier access during emergencies.

Furthermore, it is solid steel built, with a locking system that consists of 3 steel deadbolts and protective edges making it tamper and pry resistant, and it is DOJ approved. It is also powered by 4 AA batteries that can last up to a year and there are keys included for the hidden keyhole that can be used as back up.

The rifle safe can fit any space, and it has pre-drilled mounting holes – 6 in the back and 4 at the bottom. The capacity of the safe fits 4 rifles, however, those with a scope might be hard to store neatly and could require more space. The safe is designed with a barrel holder which provides proper rifle storage and includes a silent mode option when locking/unlocking.


  • Biometric locking system – retains 120 fingerprints
  • Storage capacity – up to 4 rifles (no scope), ammo and smaller guns
  • Durable battery life – up to 1 year


  • Not enough space for more than 2 rifles with a scope
  • Not fireproof

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4. Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security CabinetAnother Stack-On product that can provide spacious storage for your rifles is the 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet. The inner shelf can be used for ammo and smaller valuables, but it is also removable so that rifles up to 52″ tall can fit in as well.

Moreover, it is secured with a 3 point locking system with double butted, key coded lock that promises to ensure safer firearm storage. Stack-On makes sure all of their cabinets have inner molded barrel holders who remain sturdy over time. Also, barrel holders accommodate rifles as well as side-by-side shotguns. In addition to that, the cabinet has barrel rest standoffs that keep rifles away from the back, and it can be attached or removed from any Stack-On barrel rest if needed.

Weighing at about 60 lbs, the cabinet is quite heavy and impact resistant which makes it harder to break into or be moved around by children. The number of rifles and shotguns stored may vary between 6-10, but it can get a bit cluttered. Besides, it has pre-drilled mounting holes on top for the Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo cabinets.


  • Large storage space
  • Removable shelf
  • 3-point locking system


  • Not fireproof
  • One method of locking

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5. Best Choice Products Programmable Electronic Safe

Best Choice Products Programmable Electronic SafeIf you are looking for a combined firearm plus smaller valuables safe, then this product is a match. It provides storage for your rifles as well as your documents and valuables in a built-in smaller safe inside. There are two ways to lock it: program your passcode with the digital keypad on the door or lock/unlock manually with keys.

The interior can fit up to 5 rifles. However, that number goes down when it comes to guns with a scope. The lockbox has its own locking system with provided keys in the package and is suitable for documents, other smaller valuables and ammo as well. The package also includes 4 AA batteries, though the safe requires 8.

Besides, the safe can be mounted to walls or floors and has pre-drilled mounting holes and included screws. The interior barrel holder is made of foam so that it protects the barrels from touching, but it is not suitable for a handgun as it will not hold it in place.


  • Complementary lockbox inside safe for smaller valuables and/or documents
  • Passcode locking system with an alternative key locking system
  • Heavy steel encasing


  • Provided 4 out of 8 AA batteries required
  • May tip over if not bolted down

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6. Homak 8-Gun Security Cabinet

Homak 8-Gun Security CabinetThis cabinet is what you may be looking for if you want to store your firearms along with other valuables or ammo all in one. First Watch’s Homak 8-gun Security Cabinet fits up to 8 guns along with an upper shelf that can fit boxes of ammunition all into one place.

It is built with a tubular locking mechanism and improved 4-point locking system that provides safety for your firearm and valuables. It is easy to install and needs to be bolted down as to not tip over after opening. The upper shelf allows enough storage for stacking up boxes of ammo, AR magazines, various small parts, and other valuables.

Moreover, the locking system will keep children away as it has 2 locks per door and holds the firearms safely tucked inside. There are plastic racks installed on the inside of the door making room for more valuables to store. Also, they can be easily removed if necessary.


  • Can fit up to 8 guns – no scope rifles and/or shotguns
  • 4 locks – 2 per door
  • Childproof – firearms are safely stored


  • Very heavy and may possibly tip over if not bolted down
  • Plastic racks are not sturdy enough and can come off easy

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  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • Barska Large Biometric Safe
  • Material : Solid Steel
  • Dimensions : 57 x 13.75 x 13.75”
  • Weight : 114 lbs
  • Batteries : 4 AA battery required
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • SnapSafe Ruger Modular Safe
  • Material : Solid Steel
  • Dimensions : 61 x 40.5 x 22”
  • Weight : 510 pounds
  • Batteries : No battery required
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Stack-On 24-Gun Safe
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 20.8 x 23.4 x 55”
  • Weight : 361 pounds
  • Batteries : Alkaline
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • BARSKA Biometric Safe
  • Material : Robust steel
  • Dimensions : 16 x 15 x 8”
  • Weight : 28 pounds
  • Batteries : 4 AA battery required
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • Mesa Safe 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock
  • Material : All Steel Construction
  • Dimensions : 22 x 32 x 59”
  • Weight : 670 pounds
  • Batteries : Battery required for electronic lock
  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • Stack-On SS22 Gun Safe
  • Material : Steel
  • Dimensions : 17.6 x 55.1 x 26.8”
  • Weight : 245 pounds
  • Batteries : Alkaline

Top Rifle Safes Between $500 – $1000

We decided not to go over $1000 in our guide because we realize that this would be stepping into industrial and commercial territory. However, we fully understand that some gun owners would love to get a high end safe. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are able to locate the product with the best value for your money. So let’s see the top 6 in that category.

1. Barska Large Biometric Safe

Barska Large Biometric SafeThis solid-steel rifle safe by Barska is definitely one of the higher-quality products you will find out there. It is a combination of aesthetics and security thanks to its steel body but soft lining which protects your items from being damaged. The biometric features ensure that nobody will be able to interfere with your valuables and that only you will be able to access the safe.

This aspect is enhanced by the presence of the five-point deadbolt locking system.  The Barska Large Biometric safe can also be attached to a solid foundation. The best part is that all the hardware needed comes in the package. Since it is not the broadest safe on the market, you will be able to fit just 3 full-sized rifles even though there is a 12-position rack in there.

The basket on the door is supposed to store handguns, but it isn’t big enough for sizeable guns. The quality is there, but the value of the purchase might not be the best you can get.


  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Advanced locking system – five-point dead-bolt
  • Biometric locking – programmable for up to 120 users
  • Internal protection against scratching


  • Not the best value
  • Provides no fire protection
  • The door basket can fit only small handguns

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2. SnapSafe Ruger Modular Safe

SnapSafe Ruger TallThis here is the work of two brands working together. SnapSafe, as the name suggests, is in charge of secure storage while Ruger is a firearm company. The result is a very sturdy safe with a reliable locking mechanism. The Modular Safe features 8 1-inch steel locking bolts for optimal security.

When it comes to the inside lining, it is soft, but unfortunately, the storage properties of the safe aren’t the best. For instance, the door doesn’t have any baskets or hangers.

You will have to make do with the shelves inside. Fitting up to 4 rifles should be fine. Another downside is that the instructions for assembly are not the clearest. Furthermore, putting it together yourself will be a tough assignment. What’s good is the modular nature of the safe. You can have the shelves arranged in any order you wish.


  • Just the right size for most households
  • Adjustable modules – gives you the versatility
  • Interior is top-quality
  • Heavy – cannot be stolen whole


  • Analog locking mechanism
  • The brand names inflate the price a little bit too much
  • No protection against fire

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3. Stack-On 24-Gun Safe

Stack-On 24-Gun SafeSo as the name suggests, you will be able to store 24 firearms in this very safe. What the manufacturer has skipped telling you is that not all 24 of these can be rifles. The vault is split into 2 sections with the left one having all the shelves and only the right one being suitable for rifles.

The shelves, however, are removable if you want to only store big guns in there. This Stack-on safe is quite bulky with its 30 inches in width and 55 inches in height. The interior is carpeted making sure that nothing gets scratched in there. But don’t let that finesse feature fool you.

There is a hardened plate made out of steel right behind the combination lock to prevent drilling. For what it’s worth, this safe will do its job, but it’s nothing that blows us off our socks. The dial-up front might not be the smoothest one.


  • Value option
  • Can fit plenty of guns
  • Inside lining
  • Fire resistant


  • No digital features
  • Tumbler needs forcing
  • Bulky – fining a place for it might be challenging

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4. BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric SafeHere’s a safe which simply radiates sophistication. It is not the largest one out there, and you will not be able to put your massive shotgun in it. However, larger pistols or semi-automatic weapons will be able to fit nicely in the BARSKA Biometric safe.

Convenience is what you get with this product because it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. It is also a good option for the office because you can program up to 30 fingerprints to it. The dimensions here are 16 x 15 x 8 inches. A little bit on the downside is the fact that the safe is not fire-resistant.

Also, even though it qualifies for the moniker “small safe” it is not very portable. Bringing it along on a car is practically impossible. The only power source for the biometric features is 4 AAA batteries. One huge drawback for those of you with larger hands – the thumb finger pad might be too small.


  • Can fit more than one handgun
  • All the sounds can be turned off to make it discrete
  • Doesn’t drain the battery quickly
  • The safe has holes for mounting on the backside and on the bottom


  • Not big enough to be your primary safe, not small enough to be portable
  • The thumb finger pad should have been wider
  • May not open on the first try

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5. Mesa Safe 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

Mesa Safe 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital LockAs if the fact that this safe is exceptionally heavy isn’t enough on its own, the manufacturer has also added anchor holes so that you can install this thing securely to the floor. Apparently, the name of the game is security.

The locking mechanism features a digital keypad and 4 1-inch locking bolts. The thickness of the steel of the body is 1 ½ inch. The internal electrical outlet is an excellent addition here. This is where you can plug in a dehumidifier to store delicate objects and not only guns. Convenience is further enhanced by the presence of USB ports.

Add the fire-resistance to all that, and you get incredible value for your money. The spare keys will save you in the event of forgetting the combination. The inside lining is adequate but not great. Additionally, a rack for your rifles is not included.


  • Good value purchase – has many features
  • Solid body – thick steel
  • Fire resistance
  • Can work with a dehumidifier
  • Adjustable shelves


  • Doesn’t come with a weapon rack
  • The locking mechanism is simple although it’s effective
  • Delivery to your room isn’t part of the deal – just curbside.

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6.  Stack-On SS22 Gun Safe

Stack-On SS22 Gun SafeIt is evident that Stack-On didn’t want to create just a sturdy safe but also a stylish one. The SS22 Gun Safe will come with a very lovely black chrome finish and epoxy paint. It also has an entirely upholstered interior for smoothness and softness.

All of that shouldn’t fool you because this thing is solid. We are talking about a 12-gauge solid steel body with 6 locking bolts. Each one of these bolts is 1-inch thick. Not only that the hinges are hidden, but they also have deadbolts on the same side to provide optimal protection.

The keypad works decently although it is not very tight. Another knock on this unit is the fact that it will not give you any fire resistance. All in all, this is a decent product for the money you will be paying.


  • Dependable – this safe is hard to break into. Thick walls, solid locking bolts.
  • The exterior will not make your eyes sore – the chrome finish is stylish.
  • Hinges are concealed but are also enhanced.”
  • Good bang for your buck


  • Not the best craftsmanship
  • The keypad might fall apart over time
  • No fire protection

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What Makes Rifle Safes So Important?

We don’t know about important, but they sure are convenient. A rifle safe will give you all the benefits that a regular gun safe would but with a couple of additional ones. Let’s go over the obvious ones, but we promise we will also point out a few advantages that you haven’t thought of.

  1. Purpose

best rifle safeStoring a rifle is more challenging than putting away a regular handgun. Even pieces which can be taken apart are still pretty sizeable and very demanding when it comes to space. A rifle safe allows you to cache a rifle without any hassle.

Most safes will stay in the upright position although there are many of them which will be horizontal or in other words – lying flat. Whatever the case, your rifle will be able to remain in there fully assembled and ready to be used.

The last thing you want is reaching for the rifle during an emergency and having to assemble it. The purpose of a rifle safe is to prevent all that, and if you got a big weapon, you got no way around it.

  1. Size

Regarding size, rifle safes are by far the largest among all weapon storage units out there. This quality is quite handy because you will be able to store more things in the save. This also includes other weapons.

The big advantage of rifle safes regarding size is that you get to put away your handguns in there. This includes ammo, licenses, magazines and whatever else you could think of related to your weapons.

There is a slight downside of having a large safe, and it is mobility or lack thereof. But come to think of it, is it really a disadvantage? Let’s find out below.

  1. Dependability

You can definitely count on that big rifle safe of yours to do its job correctly because it will be a sturdy piece of steel. Smaller gun safes have thinner walls even though they are still made of steel. In our case, however, we are talking about a unit with thick 1-inch (at least) solid steel wall.

Rifle safe manufacturers understand that these are basically standalone safe boxes. This means that breaking into them must be made impossible. Mechanically breaking into a rifle safe is exceptionally hard. You just can’t damage the thing.

Dependability is also aided by the fact that these safes aren’t mobile. Even if yours is not fixed or built-in to your floor, it would be futile to try and steal it. The weight of the unit is actually an advantage over other gun safes because most of them can be stolen whole.

Features To Look For

What we mentioned above was some pretty universal information. However, such generalizations do not let us find out whether the more expensive safes are actually worth it. Since our primary goal is always to get you the best value product, we will highlight some of the crucial features we think a rifle safe should possess.

Locking Mechanism

rifle safe reviewsBoy, is this a broad topic? In fact, we can go on talking about it all day long, and it would require a whole separate article. Without making it sound too complicated, there are 2 main types of safe locks:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic

Now, needless to say, the electronic locks are a little bit more advanced than the mechanical ones. Mechanical locks, on the other hand, are the more reliable ones

  1. Mechanical

Users may find them to be slightly more time consuming when it comes to opening the safe. However, this will also significantly slow a burglar down in case they are looking to crack the safe open.

One of the better mechanical locking combos to have is the lock + keylock one. This is a reasonably secure feature which will give you excellent results. Such safes have a combination lock with a dial, but they also come with a key lock and extra keys.

The keys can be used to lock down the whole combination lock and to make the dial immobile. This is a double locking mechanism, If you can get a safe in the lower price range which has this feature, you might want to go for it.

  1. Electronic

These are the modern locks, and they typically come with a keypad. Such features raise the price of the unit, but it is debatable if that gives us good value. It should be pointed out that electronic locks are indeed quicker and easier to access. You just enter your code, and the safe door will click open. There’s no twisting and turning, no noise, no nothing.

On the downside, electronic locks while advanced are not as advanced as the gadgets that crooks have. Keypads are easily hacked into and this is not what we want.

Interior and Exterior

This is a pretty straightforward aspect and is one that is not in favor of the more expensive rifle safes. That’s because almost all products that you will encounter have a solid steel exterior and soft lining on the inside.

Sure, the quality and thickness may vary a bit but if you are getting a safe for personal use, how thick of a steel wall do you need? Not a lot, right? The same goes for the upholstery. As long as your guns and valuables do not get scratched inside the safe, then you are all good.

Additional Safety Features

The so-called locking bolt technology is a universal one, but it goes very well with mechanical locks. This system mainly utilizes thick steel bolts which lock the door of the safe. This is pretty handy to have against forced entry.

Combine the locking bolt mechanism with a pry-resistant material, and you will definitely have one robust safe to be broken into. The good thing is that these features do not necessarily raise the price of the safe too much. You might stumble upon a reliable product without going overboard with the price.

Biometrics is the most advanced additional safety feature that we can come up with. It is so vast and essential that we have created a separate article for the best biometric gun safes. Fingerprint scanners are the most famous representative of this feature when it comes to the mid-level price range. You might find safes with retinal scanners and voice recognition, but we are talking about a very high-end product in that case.

Visual Qualities

There are 2 things to keep in mind here. Some safes are designed so that they can be camouflaged. The primary goal of the manufacturer, in this case, is to create a rifle safe which can be easily hidden. Of course, you will need to pay extra for this feature.

The other visual trait that a safe might have is the opposite of stealth. Some safes are decorated with engravings or have colorful patterns. Typically, retro gun safes look like this. They are often used as an addition to the interior of one’s study or living room. In any way, both visual qualities will raise the price of the safe and if you are chasing functionality, then simply go with a clean-looking unit.

Under Bed Gun Safes

Under-bed gun safes drew more and more popularity in recent years mainly because of their functionality. There is a trend among young people to live in mid to small size homes. This calls for more space efficient options when it comes to furnishing or storage.

Other gun safes might require space or renovations such as cutting holes in walls. Not in this case. Under bed gun safes have quite a few benefits, and we will highlight them here:


  • Space-saving – the area under your bed, is typically designated for things that do not need to be visible or that are rarely used. The design of the under bed gun safe allows for easy storage.
  • Out of the line of sight – a safe’s effectiveness is enhanced when nobody sees it. In this case, your safe will lay casually on the ground hidden under the bed, and it won’t alter the interior of your room.
  • Rolling safes are convenient – in case you get an under bed gun safe with wheels or a sliding mechanism, you will basically gain a locker under your bed. Access is easy, and you don’t have to spend all day under the bed trying to open the unit.


  • Size – under bed safes are understandably flat. While you can store a rifle in most of them because they are wide, the number of guns you can store is limited.
  • The anchored version doesn’t give you flexibility – this can be an advantage to an extent because in the event of a robbery the safe can hardly be stolen. But on a daily basis, you might find yourself spending a lot of time trying to open your anchored safely.
  • Not quite as solid – these safes are typically designed to be moved left and right. This means that you shouldn’t expect your unit to be too heavy and robust. Look for thick steel elsewhere.

In-wall Gun Safes

Having an in-wall gun safe is a classic. We have all seen TV shows where aristocrats open a wall safe with a smirk. This can easily be you especially if you want to have a trustworthy box in which to store your weapon.


  • Easy to hide – the most excellent in-wall safes will allow you the opportunity to disguise them by putting a picture in front of them.
  • Space efficient – the safe will not interfere with your domestic or office space in any way.
  • Can be installed high for more safety – you have the freedom of putting the safe out of children’s reach.


  • Not very big – in-wall gun safes are not meant to store rifles or to keep a ton of valuables. Their depth isn’t impressive, and you will be able to store just a gun or two
  • There’s rarely upholstery inside – most in-wall safes do not come with a soft lining inside meaning that your firearms are exposed to scratching. Some more expensive units will have that feature, however.
  • You need a wall cut out – there’s no way around it. Installing an in-wall gun safe is a specialized job. You will need to drill a hole in a wall, and you are better off hiring a professional. This comes at a cost, though.

Handgun Safes

rifle safesThese safes are precisely what you expect that they are. What’s good about handgun safes is that the quality really goes up with the price tag. There are many features to look out for. The more characteristics you get, the more you pay, but that’s not necessarily bad.

The tricky thing about handgun safes is that almost all of their advantages are also disadvantages. Here we have listed a few for your convenience.


  • Convenient – this type of gun safes are not hefty. They are relatively small in size, and even if the given model is not designed to be mobile, it is still not going to be in the way around your house.
  • The upholstery and padding – handgun safes are designed to look like briefcases. They also typically have top class lining and padding on the inside. Many units come with foam which will follow the shape of your pistol.


  • Just for handguns – unfortunately, these cool-looking safes are meant to store only pistols and ammo. You can’t put larger pieces in there, and many times there won’t be enough room for documents and jewelry.
  • They require some space – whether it will be on your bedside or on top of a shelf, you need to find a place where to put your handgun safe. These units are rarely built-into walls or stored under the bed.

Biometric Gun Safes

Many people love the functionality of biometric gun safes. The significant upside here is that there is no size limitation. You can have large rifle safes with biometric features, but at the same time, the little gun safe on your nightstand may also come with similar characteristics.


  • Extra security – the locking mechanism of biometric safes is a digital one. The fingerprint scanner will not allow anyone but the programmed users to open the safe. Some models come with more advanced biometric functions
  • They look cool – you might feel like a super agent.
  • Biometric safes come in all sizes


  • Moe things to break down – the more electronic features you have, the more parts that can malfunction
  • Slower to access – you need to go through a particular pattern to access the safe. If

you do it too quickly, the sensor might not pick it up, and you might have to re-do the attempt.

  • Higher price range – all this technology increases the price of the unit.

Car Gun Safes

Portable gun safes are a thing of beauty if you are not too capricious. You will find quite a few downsides here but let’s face it – convenience is above all.


  • Mobility- this is the most significant advantage of car gun safes. You can have them under your seat or in the trunk – it’s up to you.
  • Easy access – you reach down, and you open the safe gaining access to your gun. How easy can it be?


  • Not as secure – even if you have the most advanced locking mechanism, your car gun safe can still be stolen.
  • Children have access to it – you need to be extra careful when locking your safe because you don’t want any kids opening it.

Best Gun Safes for Long Guns & Hand Guns Comparison Chart

Stack-On Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet
Steel10 x 17 x 15”19.7 poundsNo battery required
Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gunlocker
16 gauge steel42 x 15.25 x 6.75”50 pounds4 AA battery required
BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
Steel52.2 x 9.8 x 8.7”63 lb4 AA battery required
Stack-On 10-Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet
Steel13.5 x 17 x 53”61 poundsNo battery required
Best Choice Products Programmable Electronic Safe
Steel13.8 x 11.2 x 57.2”99.5 pounds8 AA battery required
Homak 8-Gun Security Cabinet
Steel10 x 21 x 57.2”63.9 poundsNo battery required
Barska Large Biometric Safe
Solid Steel57 x 13.75 x 13.75”114 lbs4 AA battery require
SnapSafe Ruger Modular Safe
Solid Steel61 x 40.5 x 22”510 poundsNo battery required
Stack-On 24-Gun Safe
Steel20.8 x 23.4 x 55”361 poundsAlkaline
BARSKA Biometric Safe
Robust steel16 x 15 x 8”
28 pounds4 AA battery require
Mesa Safe 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock
All Steel Construction22 x 32 x 59”670 poundBattery required for electronic lock
Stack-On SS22 Gun Safe
Steel17.6 x 55.1 x 26.8”245 poundAlkaline

Wrap Up

Even though we are done talking about the most beautiful value options when it comes to the best rifle safes, you can still check out some of our other articles. We gave you a quick rundown of the other models but you simply ought to check them out separately.

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